Routine Success

Routine Success is a mobile application supporting the independence of neurodivergent young adults.

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How does Routine Success work?

Build and Schedule Routines

Build routines to prompt users as needed.

Schedule these routines to notify the user at the appropriate times.

Schedule routines to repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as needed.

View Scheduled Routines

Calendar view provides a quick overview of the day to come.

Users can start routines early.

Specify when reminders should be sent.

Complete Routines

Users can view an example of what successful completion of a particular routine looks like.

Users submit the routine for review when all tasks required by the routine have been completed.

Submit a picture of the finished product to for feedback and approval.

Approve and Award Stars

Mentors notified when routines are completed.

Mentors can review photos of the finished product and then approve or send back the routine to the user.

Stars can be awarded for a job well done to motivate on-going engagement and performance.

Track Progress Toward Goals

Users can track their stars and see the progress they are making toward mutually-agreed upon goals and rewards.

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